Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old School Movie Haul.

Being a college student can be tough.  It can be even more tough when you become an "adult" and begin to start paying your own bills; electricity, rent, food, laundry, and internet..  For that reason, my brother and I have no cable or dish.  I mean, yeah, we get the spanish channel (TV Azteca) BUT it's not no TLC, MTV, Disney Channel, etc.

With that being said, we tend to try & buy movies when they are really cheap.  We recently found an FYE who was having a great sale on B1G1!

I bought four movies and I don't really know whats "good", considering that I never watch TV (other than movies), so I just bought a few that I knew I loved.

Hope you all enjoy!

Btw, what are some of YOUR fave movies?!


  1. I loved Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality... she is such an amazing actress!

    And I love Mean Girls! =)

    Some of my favorite movies:
    - Devil Wears Prada
    - 27 Dresses
    - The Ugly Truth
    - The Notebook
    - Harry Potter (all of the movies)

  2. qreat movies...well para me im more of a scary movie chick...
    i also like funny ones.

    pero my fav ones would be marely and me,
    bajo la misma luna.
    planet of the apes,
    reel steel
    all the paranormal activites movies lol

    wow i went from a wide range lol.

  3. OMG LOVE miss congeniality!!!

    Mine would have to beeee

    Blue Crush
    Harry Potter (all of them)
    Nightmare Before Xmas
    The El Mariachi movies!

    OH !!!
    and fools rush in!!!

  4. They're all classics <3

  5. Nice haul. Enjoy!!

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