Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pretty Nail Polish.

So, on my YouTube Channel (MissAntonia90), I posted a haul.
Along with that haul you can see some nail polishes, HOWEVER,
my camera does them no justice, so I just wanted to show you
"personally" how beautiful these colors really are!

Enjoy the pictures.  :)

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving....Be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life, whether it be good or bad. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Walgreens Haul.

So, last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Walgreens because I had been lusting after some new Wet N' Wild products that everyone had been raving about. 

Now that I live near a BIG city, I have more stores within 10-20 minutes away from me. Yay! So, before I went into this Walgreens, I had gone into 2 others but I had no luck. So, I went into this store with low hopes, BUT I found what I had been wanting!!

The best part of all of this is that I got these products for buy one get one 50% off.  When I went up to the register, the cashier also scannned a $1 off coupon for all of these. So I ended up getting all 4 products (one is not picture for a reason ;) ) for ONLY $12 and some change!

That means that I got 2 palettes for only 5.98!!

I don't know if this deal is still going on, but if it is, GO CHECK IT OUT NOW.

I'll leave you with pretty pictures<3.

Have a WONDERFUL week full of love, smiles, laughs, hugs, & giggles :) :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Holaaaaaaa dear friends :)

I would like to start off by saying "sorry for neglecting all of you".
I had totally forgotten I had a blog, with school being so hectic
last year, I barely had time to type for fun. 

Now, I live in an apartment with my brother....We moved out
for school, so inna sense, I have a bit more free time on my
hands. :)

Hopefully I get back into the swing of things on Blogger!
Thank you to all who have stuck with me :)
If you want to see more updates of me, please check out
my YouTube channel.....

Now I'll leave you all with a pretty pitchure of me :)
Btw, I spelled 'picture' wrong on purpose. :D

OH YEAH.....& I'll add a silly one for fun as well.

Have a WONDERFUL week full of love, smiles, laughs, hugs, & giggles :) :)